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Kate Downie - based in Edinburgh

Kate Downie studied fine art at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. Over the past twenty years she has worked in painting, drawing, photography, collage, installation, performance art, filmmaking and murals. She is a past president of the Scottish Society of Artists and was shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing prize in 2005. In January 2007 she had a sell-out exhibition at the prestigious Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh, featuring new work from Corsica.

Kate showed with Frances Thirlway Fine Art at the London Affordable Art Fair in March 2007, and again in ‘Three Piece Suite' in Durham in the same month. ‘Saturday Night & Sunday Morning' focuses on Kate's atmospheric night scenes, based either on Edinburgh streets, or – for the ‘Metropolis' series – on a visit to Madrid last month.

Kate's work in this show are monoprints. Monoprinting is often described as the most painterly of printmaking techniques - a monoprint does not have editions and is essentially a printed painting. The characteristic of this method is that no two prints are alike, it is also very spontaneous and combines printmaking with painting and drawing. Monoprinting involves the transfer of ink from a plate to the paper or other surface that will ultimately hold the work of art. The artist creates lines and textures on the plate which will persist from print to print, and then inks the plate differently for each print. In the ‘Metropolis' series, for instance, Kate made initial drawings and paintings in Madrid (often on traffic islands at 3am !), then used these back at the print studio to make two monoprints from each plate. Only one of each is shown here, but please ask if the one you like is sold and you would like to see the other one, as it may be available.

Metropolis 1 - monoprint, 56 x 38 cm, £675

Metropolis 5 - monoprint, 56 x 38 cm - SOLD

Metropolis 3 - monoprint, 56 x 38 cm, £675

Metropolis 7 - monoprint, 56 x 38 cm, £675


Boy Racer - monoprint, 64 x 44cm, £750

Taxi - monoprint, 52 x 41 cm, £675

Streetlight - monoprint, 30 x 19cm, £335

Quiet Night - monoprint, 30 x 19 cm, £335

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