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Keith Hayman - based in Sheffield

Keith Hayman is based in Sheffield and has a long-standing fascination with cities and urban life. His drawings are often frenetic, with a dynamic, scratchy style picking up on the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle (‘Friday Night & Saturday Morning', ‘Our Day Out'), but the current 'Saturday Night & Sunday Morning' show includes more lyrical, quieter pieces such as his evocative images of railway tracks, signaling equipment and other ‘invitations au voyage' (‘Sunday early', ‘Leaving for the Coast').

Keith shows regularly in Sheffield and at international art fairs with Penley Contemporary Art. He organizes summer art markets and open studio events in Sheffield , and regularly carries out research and development work for the Arts Council and other arts organization.

Keith's work often starts from chance encounters with overlooked elements of the urban landscape – flattened cans, broken fencing, traffic lights, telephone wires, scaffolding – or with the words of a song or a book title, and from sketch and note book these become fragments and stories on the studio wall, which are gradually incorporated into finished works. The titles of Keith's pictures usually have a story behind them, and are often quotations.

Leaving for the coast - oilstick, emulsion, graphite and ink, 109 x 81 cm - SOLD

Ghost trains - oilstick, emulsion, pastel and graphite - £795

Our day out (May Day series) - graphite, ink & gouache, 55 x 85 cm, £550


And Corbusier said - ink graphite, oil pastel and collage on paper, £475

The sky is blue - oil stick and graphite on tracing paper, £650

Friday Night & Saturday Morning, oil stick/graphite on paper, 90 x 65cm, £695

The numbers game, oil stick, ink and graphite, 20 x 30 cm - SOLD

The mystery of a speeding car, 55 x 45 cm, mixed media, £550


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